New Product Launch

Super Sani-Cloth®

We are delighted to announce that Super Sani-Cloth®, otherwise known as “purple top” thanks to its distinctive purple lid is now available to healthcare facilities across Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Through its alcohol and dual quaternary ammonium-based formulation, Super-Sani Cloth® is the only wipe in the world providing unrivalled:

  • Efficacy: effective against bacteria, viruses, TB, and yeasts including Norovirus and SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes Covid 19.
  • Speed: complete disinfection against all the listed tested microorganisms in 60 seconds.
  • Compatibility: compatible with over 560 devices and surfaces.
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HyperDRYMist® Automatic Room Disinfection

HyperDRYMist® is a novel technology that consists of a portable micro-nebulizer which transforms a patented, non-toxic formulation containing a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide and other co-formulants into an ultra-fine mist, for maximum impact and efficacy.  Thanks to its unique formula, the system provides high material compatibility and complete coverage safely and efficiently.

As effective and efficient as vapor, as compatible and safe as aerosol!

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PDI Healthcare

Be The Difference®

With a 40-year heritage exclusively focused on helping to fight preventable infections, we’re always striving to do more to reduce their spread and preserve the well-being of the communities who are touched by our products around the world.  It is this higher purpose that drives our layered approach to infection prevention, and our continuous innovation of solutions, clinical support and educational resources. Offerings that empower people with the confidence that proves when our products are used the right way every time, they help reduce the risk of infection, control costs and save lives.

Together, we are the difference.


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Our Healthcare Brands

Our global healthcare brands are supported by PDI International's unique Layered Approach to Infection Prevention.

World First Innovations

Since 1977, PDI has spearheaded the development of many of the industry’s most important infection prevention solutions.  Through our dedication to research and development and industry-leading partnerships, we continue to build our portfolio of products, clinical support and educational resources to fight preventable infections and help save lives.

Innovation Firsts

Meet Buster

Buster has joined PDI International as a captivating way for people to recognise our brand more easily. Buster will help impact people positively both inside and outside our organisation, as he supports our mission on leading the fight against preventable infections by “busting” germs everywhere he goes.

We hope he puts a smile on your face as we have some fun integrating Buster within the business!

SDN Approved

The Safer Disinfectant Network (SDN) is a leading voice in infection prevention and control, one committed to protecting the public.

Together with infection prevention experts, leading academics, and manufacturers, we are calling for:

  • Stronger regulation and enforcement to protect the public from products that don’t do what they claim to do.
  • Appropriate prioritisation of surface disinfection in government and employer guidance.
  • Increased public awareness on how to clean and disinfect well.

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