What Makes Us Different

At PDI International we are continuously exchanging expertise, capabilities, & innovations with our colleagues PDI North America, yet the solutions provided by PDI International are designed to ensure they respond to the specific needs and regulatory requirements in each unique environment we work in.  It is only by responding to those specific needs, we can truly make a difference and impact lives within each of the markets we operate in.

Did You Know?

  • We are a family-owned company built on a 70-year family legacy dedicated to preventing the spread of infection & preserving the wellness in our communities. 
  • 250,000,000 people are helped by PDI products every year globally.
  • We developed some of the most important infection prevention innovations, including the first alcohol prep pad and disinfectant disposable wipe.
  • On the 18th June every year, we celebrate Be The Difference® day with our US family in recognition of our on-going commitment to give back to local communities.
  • We have been manufacturing infection control solutions for global healthcare companies for more than 30 years.
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Why Partner With Us?

Each year 250,000,000 people are helped by PDI products and continued innovations globally.  Click on the images below to find out why.

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Focussed Experts


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Invested Champions

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Trusted Advisor

Meet Buster

Buster has joined PDI International as a captivating way for people to recognise our brand more easily. Buster will help impact people positively both inside and outside our organisation, as he supports our mission on leading the fight against preventable infections by “busting” germs everywhere he goes.

We hope he puts a smile on your face as we have some fun integrating Buster within the business!

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