Since 1977, PDI has spearheaded the development of many of the industry’s most important infection prevention solutions.  Through our dedication to research and development and industry-leading partnerships, we continue to build our portfolio of products, clinical support and educational resources to fight preventable infections and help save lives.

Research & Development

Our industry leading in-house research and development team is key to delivering the product innovation our users are eager to embrace.  As with all of our work, information gleaned from detailed consumer insight studies in addition to responding to external influencing factors is what drives our development process.

Next Generation Innovation

PDI International is focused on next generation technologies that make a difference. We have extensive R&D capabilities to address diverse customer preferences and rigorous regulatory environments.

In-House Expertise

We employ some of the most talented and committed formulators, chemists, non woven specialists, packaging technologists and regulatory experts in the industry to ensure the rapid and smooth progression of development projects from start to finish.

World First Innovations Spanning Over 70 Years


PDI International enters into partnership with 99Technologies

Room disinfection

HyperDRYMist® technology by Swiss-based company 99Technologies is a highly efficacious and versatile automated room disinfection system, combining rapid, high-level disinfection with low amounts of disinfectant solution.  Its ability to disperse an ultrafine dry mist thanks to its innovative technology, makes it the ideal choice for any facility looking for exceptional efficacy, compatibility, increased safety with low environmental impact.


PDI International launches Super Sani-Cloth®

Super Sani-Cloth®

PDI International launches number one Premium cleaning and disinfectant wipe, Super Sani-Cloth® as a direct response to international markets, who have been searching for a product that can provide efficacy at speed with excellent compatibility.


PDI International is established

PDI International- PDI EMEA

PDI International is established leveraging the people, technologies & processes across multiple market leading companies to realise its ambition.


Nex Medical acquisition

Nex medical

The acquisition extends PDI Internationals Healthcare Interventional Care portfolio with unique solutions to address surgical site infections (SSIs)


Pluswipes acquisition

pluswipes acquisition

Pluswipes acquisition expands PDI Internationals R&D capabilities & expertise with its well-established global contract manufacturing business


Prevantics® range launch

Interventional Care Range

Launch of Prevantics® portfolio providing innovative skin antisepsis & device disinfection solutions


Hygea range launch

Patient Care

Hygea range is launched providing personal cleansing & hygiene solutions to patients, visitors & healthcare workers


Worlds first hand wipe with gel formula launched

hand hygiene wipes

PDI introduces the first antimicrobial “Sani-hands” hand wipe with gel formula


Worlds first disinfectant wipe is launched

Environment of care

Sani-Cloth® are the first registered hard surface disinfectant wipes with range extension over the next 3 decades.


PDI is established


PDI is established to impact more lives with a focus on healthcare


Worlds first alcohol prep wipe is invented

Alcohol prep pad

Invented the first alcohol prep wipes for healthcare applications


Worlds first pre-moistened wipes are invented

KFC wet wipes

Colonel” Harlen Sanders joins the mission, bringing Julius’ WORLD’S FIRST pre-moistened wipes into KFC

Innovation at PDI International


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