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HyperDRYMist® Automated Room Disinfection

HyperDRYMist® is a novel technology that consists of a portable micro-nebulizer which transforms a patented, non-toxic formulation containing a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide and other co-formulants into an ultra-fine mist, for maximum impact and efficacy.  Thanks to its unique formula, the system provides high material compatibility and complete coverage safely and efficiently.

As effective and efficient as vapor, as compatible and safe as aerosol!

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Clean Confidently

We believe your success depends on confidence: confidence that your facility is safe and spotless; confidence that your staff is cleaning and sanitising the right way; confidence that your guests are satisfied, and your brand is secure.

Sani Professional® puts that confidence in the palm of your hand—by reinventing the way you clean and sanitise. We make it easy, fast, and effective so you can be confident that food safety is a seamless part of a satisfying experience—where you, your employees, and your customers win, every day.

Reduce Community-Acquired Infections (CAIs)

CAIs can be contracted in any public setting; however, industries that handle food are at particularly high risk for spreading bacteria and viruses. By providing our customers with more effective, convenient, and safer products for surface cleaning and sanitsing—with easier-to-follow protocols—together we can help wipe out CAIs.


Protect your staff, your customers and your reputation!

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