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Welcome to Sani Professional®, where we provide innovative and sustainable sanitising solutions designed to reduce the spread of community-acquired infections. Our products serve a variety of sectors, all with the goal of preserving the wellness of our communities and protecting our planet.

Clean Surfaces Without Compromise

Specifically developed to Protect People, your Place and our Planet

With Protect 360º Sanitising wipes, you don’t have to compromise; you can have it all.

Our products have been clinically developed to ensure maximum efficacy and protection while upholding sustainable practices, compliance, and convenience.

Every time.

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Reduce Microbiological foodborne disease (FBD)

Microbiological foodborne disease (FBD) places both a public health and financial burden on society. The Food Standards Agency is the competent authority in England, Wales and Northern Ireland responsible for protecting consumers’ interests in relation to food by ensuring that it is safe and authentic.

  • There are an estimated 2.4 million cases who suffer from an FBD in the UK every year¹
  • The total burden for the UK from foodborne illness is approximately £9bn³
  • Approximately 16,300 receive hospital treatment with over 180 reported deaths²
  • Of known cases, norovirus imposes the greatest economic and societal burden at an estimated annual cost of £1.68bn⁴





Clean Confidently

We believe your success depends on confidence: confidence that your facility is safe and spotless; confidence that your staff is cleaning and sanitising the right way; confidence that your guests are satisfied, and your brand is secure.

Sani Professional® puts that confidence in the palm of your hand—by reinventing the way you clean and sanitise. We make it easy, fast, and effective so you can be confident that food safety is a seamless part of a satisfying experience—where you, your employees, and your customers win, every day.

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No matter the industry, our goal is to help protect businesses’ reputation with convenient cleaning methods that are proven effective, compliant, user and planet-friendly.

  • Food Service
  • Hotels
  • F&B  Processing
  • Education
  • Food Trucks & Catering
  • Outdoors events
  • Cruises
  • Health & Fitness

We are actively seeking distribution partners to represent our Sani Professional range.

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