SKU # 99MB

HyperDRYMist® technology by Swiss-based company 99Technologies is a highly efficacious and versatile automated room disinfection system, combining rapid, high-level disinfection with low amounts of disinfectant solution.  Its ability to disperse an ultrafine dry mist thanks to its innovative technology, makes it the ideal choice for any facility looking for exceptional efficacy, compatibility, increased safety with low environmental impact.



SKU # 99MB

Packaging: 1

Dimensions: 25cmx42cmx50cm

HCAI Reduction

Clinically proven to be effective against spores, fungi, bacteria, viruses and mycobacteria.

Rapid Room Turnaround

No room sealing required. Treatment cycles as short as 33 minutes.

Improved Healthcare Economics

Affordable technology with low operational, training and maintenance costs.

Healthcare Professional Satisfaction

Easy to use, lightweight and highly portable delivering non-toxic dry mist dispersion

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