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Sani-Cloth® AF³

SKU # EAF3001

Sani-Cloth® AF³ wipes are alcohol free, ready to use low linting, disposable 2 in 1 cleaning and disinfectant wipes for non-invasive medical devices and general surfaces.  AF³ can be used to pre-clean or decontaminate medical devices prior to sterilisation. Latex free. Dermatologically tested.

Accessories & Compliance Tools
Sani-Cloth® AF³ Flow Wrap

Large Soft Pack (200 count)

SKU # EAF3001

Packaging: 6/200's

Dimensions: 267 x 210 mm

  • Medical Device Class IIa
  • PT2 Biocide
  • Contains 200 wipes
Product Details
  • Cleaning & Disinfectant
  • Dual classification: Medical device IIa & Biocide
  • Alcohol-free
  • Dual quaternary ammonium compound
Made In Britain

Manufactured in the UK, resulting in supply chain reliability and carbon footprint reduction.

  • Pre-moistened wipes are ready to use
  • Pre-dosed, alcohol free, low linting disposable cleaning and disinfection wipes, requiring no mixing or measuring.
  • Bactericidal
  • Yeasticidal
  • Virucidal (Enveloped Viruses)
  • Norovirus (Non-enveloped Viruses)
  • Tuberculocidal
  • Compatible by design
  • Compatible with a broad range of surfaces and equipment in healthcare, check our database
Packaging Features
  • Deep well lid provides ample space to store and access next wipe.
  • Prominent contact time for easy identification and improved compliance.
  • Categorisation of pathogens allows for quick identification of relevant efficacy claims.
  • Suitable for any healthcare environment available in soft packs, canisters and buckets
Tools and Accessories
  • Point of use accessories and tools are available to help improve staff compliance and facility protocols.
  • Point of Use accessories, including canister bracket and soft pack holders, “I Am Clean” tape & sticky notes, IFU videos and posters.
Cost effective

Using the same solution for cleaning and disinfecting saves you time and money.

Point of care accessories and compliance tools