Eco Scrub Wipe


Introducing the Eco Scrub Wipe: revolutionising cleanliness with sustainability in mind.

Easily transition to a greener future with Eco Scrub Wipes – a revolutionary, customisable cleaning solution. Tailor your formula, choose your preferred format, and seamlessly integrate sustainability into your portfolio. Setting the standard with 30% recycled content – same price, same performance. Elevate your cleaning experience sustainably.

Available in buckets, canisters & flow-wraps.


Scrub & Smooth Technology

The textured surface is expertly designed to effortlessly eliminate the most stubborn grease and dirt. The smooth surface provides a comprehensive cleansing and moisturising experience.

Environmental Impact

250 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced per year by using 30% recycled content*

*Information available upon request.

Made in Britain

We are accredited Made in Britain members meaning that we can guarantee uninterrupted supply and rapid response to peaks in demand.

Guaranteed Protection

Our wipes contain a unique ‘antibacterial additive’ that helps protect workers against 99.9% of bacteria, Salmonella, E Coli, Listeria & MRSA.