Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a deep rooted commitment to the health and wellness of our customers and our employees, as well as the social and economic well-being of our communities.

Our Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

Advancing Health and Wellbeing

Advancing the health, safety, and wellbeing of our associates, our customers, consumers, and communities:

  • Customer education
  • Products
  • Our essential COVID-19 response
  • Workplace safety & wellbeing
  • Social and ethical standards
Sustainable- private label wet wipes

Sustaining our Environment

Sustaining our environment through continuous improvement and innovation across all stages of the product life cycle:

  • Customer and consumer education on renewable materials and responsible use
  • Resource management in facilities
  • Sustainable innovation in wipes & packaging
  • Responsible sourcing



Educating and Supporting Communities

Supporting our colleagues, customers, consumers and global communities toward a healthier, more sustainable future for all:

  • Education and community economic development
  • Commitment to diversity and non-discrimination
  • Volunteerism and philanthropy

Our Community

CSR Report

Apart from the solutions we provide which support the prevention of healthcare and community acquired infections, we encourage our people to build connections and relationships with local organisations, good causes and charities which supports our long-term commitment to preserving the wellness of our local communities.

Community Days

Family Involvement


Investors in our Community

As members of the Northampton Chamber of Commerce in the UK, we are committed to contributing to the local business community.  The chamber provides us with valuable access to resources, services, expertise, and relationships which are designed to drive business growth.


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Investors in the Environment

We have been recognised for our continual environmental improvement and have been proudly awarded the maximum accreditation by Investors in the Environment (iiE). This is a national environmental accreditation scheme designed to help organisations reduce our impact on the environment.  To secure a “green” accreditation, we have achieved a minimum 2% improvement in resource efficiency over an agreed baseline figure, implemented a recycling system, calculated our organisational carbon footprint and set targets for carbon reduction.


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