Embracing the spirit of Giving Back at PDI International

Categories: About PDI, Corporate & Corporate Responsibility March 26, 2024
Embracing the spirit of Giving Back at PDI International. Blue sky with the words giving back connected by a heart

In the midst of the significant challenges brought about by the global pandemic in 2020, PDI International embarked on a journey close to our hearts: the Giving Back initiative.

As a company, dedicated to combating preventable infections in healthcare, the onset of the pandemic only heightened the urgency of our mission. In 2020, amidst all the chaos and uncertainty swirling around us, PDI International decided to take a stand for something truly special: giving back.

Our decision to launch our ‘Giving Back’ initiative was fuelled by two significant factors. Firstly, the pandemic underscored the critical importance of our work in infection prevention within healthcare settings. When the pandemic started, it’s fair to say that we found ourselves positioned to make a meaningful difference during these trying times.

Secondly, giving back resonated deeply with our core mission of “Be The Difference.” For us, it extends beyond our daily operations; it’s a reflection of our commitment to creating a positive impact, both within our organisation and in the broader community.

Throughout the past year, we’ve been privileged to receive so much support and kindness from those around us. It’s only fitting that we also seized this opportunity to pay it forward in meaningful ways.

Here are some of the ways we’ve been giving back over the past few years:


Since 2021, we are proud to have donated more than £22,000 to local, national, and global charities chosen by our colleagues. These include organisations such as MIND UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, Dogs Trust, and global causes like Save the Children International and Elisecare.

Fundraising Activities

We’ve organised various fundraising activities such as Christmas jumper selfies, quizzes, coffee mornings, PDI Junior drawing activities, and games to raise funds for different causes that are close to our hearts.

Gifts in Kind

We’ve sent pallets of products such as hand wipes and disinfectant surface wipes to NGOs like Elise Care, which provides emergency medical and psychological assistance to civilian populations rescued in conflict zones. Additionally, we’ve donated unwanted items to Cancer Research UK (CRUK), and food/personal hygiene items to local organisations like Corby Homeless Project and Corby Foodbank.


In July 2023, we were proud to celebrate our third Be The Difference Day, giving our associates in the UK, Italy and Switzerland an amazing opportunity to exemplify our unique culture, give back to our communities, and impact even more lives around us. In the UK, our associates spent the day at Lakeland Hospice, an independent charity that provides palliative and end-of-life care for the people in Corby and surrounding areas. This day continues to represent a collective commitment to meaningfully engage, educate, and give back to the communities PDI associates live in and work in.

Embracing the spirit of Giving Back at PDI International: Colleagues joining in an Easter activity in support of Ukraine.
Embracing the spirit of Giving Back at PDI International: colleagues celebrate the 2nd Be the Difference Day at Lakeland Hospice.

Every interaction, every gesture, and every effort – they all reflect our unwavering commitment to making a difference. At PDI International, giving back is more than just a notion – it’s woven into the very fabric of who we are. We come to work each day with an enthusiasm to transform lives, whether it be a patient, a healthcare worker, a guest, a neighbour, or a person in need. It’s about spreading kindness, touching lives, and creating ripples of positivity wherever we go. Our Giving Back initiative is just one way we put this into action, and we’re thrilled to share it with you!