How we’re taking steps towards a more sustainable future for healthcare

Categories: Corporate & Corporate Responsibility April 5, 2024
A green space with a clear sphere with the countries on the globe opaqued so that they are visible to show How we’re taking steps towards a more sustainable future for healthcare

Nearly a year ago, we embarked on an exciting journey by teaming up with Positive Planet, marking a significant step in our commitment to reducing carbon emissions and embracing sustainability in healthcare. Today, as the world grapples with the urgent need for collective action to build a more sustainable future for our planet, we’re proud to share some of the remarkable progress we’ve made so far.

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Carbon reduction plan: our path to net zero

The sustainability agenda in healthcare is ramping up, and for good reason. The UK government’s ambitious target for all businesses to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 underscores the collective responsibility we share in shaping a more sustainable future for our planet.

The NHS Net Zero Supplier Roadmap outlines how suppliers like us can align with this ambitious target. Through our ongoing partnership with Positive Planet, we’re excited to announce that PDI International has completed our Carbon Reduction Plan. This plan not only identifies our current carbon footprint but also lays out a clear pathway to achieving net zero emissions.

Here are PDI, we aim to achieve net zero emissions by 2045 across all scopes of emissions (scopes 1, 2, and 3). We remain committed to playing our part in creating a more sustainable and healthier future for healthcare.

NHS evergreen assessment

We are pleased to have completed the NHS Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment. The Assessment is a self-assessment and reporting tool and resulted in us receiving a Level 1: Publicly committed to net zero carbon and engaged with sustainability. This is key to supporting us to understand how we align to the NHS’s long-term sustainability priorities and the pathway to progress.

Did you know the supply chain of the NHS accounts for more than 60% of its total carbon footprint? Given the substantial contribution of the NHS supply chain, it’s clear that NHS suppliers have a critical part to play in helping the NHS achieve its net-zero target by 2045.

The Evergreen Assessment is one of several NHS initiatives aimed at supporting its support net zero and wider sustainability objectives. We are proud to be taking proactive steps to support the NHS to achieve these ambitions, including those set out in the NHS Net Zero Supplier Roadmap.

Carbon Literacy Training – driving change!

We’re pleased to share that several of our associates have recently attained their Carbon Literacy certification, demonstrating their understanding of climate change science and their commitment to driving positive change in this critical area.

As a part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be extending The Carbon Literacy Project certification to our broader teams, with the invaluable support of Positive Planet. With the growing awareness of the impacts of everyday activities on the environment, this programme offers excellent pathways towards becoming part of the solution.

By fostering a culture of carbon literacy across our organisation, we aim to empower staff to make informed decisions and take meaningful actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Made in Britain accredited!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve renewed our membership with Made in Britain – official, reinforcing our commitment to manufacturing locally in Corby, Northamptonshire, where the majority of our products are proudly made – helping our customers minimise their carbon footprint!

Made in Britain is a non-profit organisation with a vibrant community of over 1200 British manufacturers. Their mission is to champion British manufacturing by offering a registered collective trademark system, allowing buyers and consumers worldwide to easily identify British-made products.

We’re absolutely thrilled to be accredited as a member of Made in Britain. The Made in Britain mark is increasingly recognised by consumers as a symbol of quality. By proudly adopting this official, protected mark, we aim to instil confidence in our customers while also helping them recognise our offerings as quality, great value, and proudly British-made. Additionally, this mark signifies our commitment to transparency, sustainability, and ethical business practices, ensuring our customers know that PDI is a trusted company they can rely on!

Our OPRL membership

We are also thrilled to announce that we are now members of the On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL Limited) scheme. This collaboration is a significant step towards ensuring simple and consistent recycling guidance across all our products available in the UK. By embracing OPRL Limited‘s renowned recycling labels, we aim to empower our end-users with clear and actionable information to make sustainable choices effortlessly.

Becoming Paperless!

Becoming paperless is a significant step in our sustainability journey. By eliminating the printing of brochures, product sheets, and other materials, and transitioning to digital distribution via our online sales enablement platform Showell, we are taking further proactive measures to reduce our environmental impact! Going paperless means we’re doing our part to protect the planet. Plus, it’s more efficient and saves resources. It’s all part of our commitment to being environmentally responsible and efficient in everything we do, and it’s a step towards reaching our bigger sustainability goals.

The Future

Our journey towards sustainability is ongoing. As we continue to add more sustainable solutions into our healthcare range and improve our overall business practices, we are committed to playing our part in protecting people and building a greener, more sustainable future for all.