Wipe out HAIs, Without Wiping Out your Equipment

It is our goal to manufacture disinfectants that are strong enough to eliminate harmful bacteria, yet gentle enough to preserve the integrity of the medical devices that are being disinfected.

What is Compatibility?

Compatibility broadly characterises a material’s response to exposure to disinfectants. When materials such as plastics degrade, they are considered incompatible.

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Healthcare Professionals

Do you know if your medical equipment is compatible with our disinfectant products? Find out if your medical equipment is compatible with our market-leading disinfectants.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Have you tested the chemical resistance of materials in your medical device enclosures, and are you sourcing materials capable of withstanding frequent disinfection?

If you want to test disinfectant solutions with your medical devices so that you can include them in your IFUs, let us help.

Compatibility Partners

PDI is constantly working with equipment manufacturers to test our products on their medical devices to ensure compatibility.