HyperDRYMist® Automated Room Disinfection

HyperDRYMist® technology by Swiss-based company 99Technologies is a highly efficacious and versatile automated room disinfection system, combining rapid, high-level disinfection with low amounts of disinfectant solution.  Its ability to disperse an ultrafine dry mist thanks to its innovative technology, makes it the ideal choice for any facility looking for exceptional efficacy, compatibility, increased safety with low environmental impact.

What makes HyperDRYMist® unique?

HyperDRYMist®  has been developed to address the limitations with current hydrogen peroxide ARD systems around efficacy, efficiency, compatibility, and safety.


Its patented, non-toxic formulation containing low level hydrogen peroxide (<8%) with other carefully selected co-formulants strikes the perfect balance in boosting its biocidal activity and overall stability.

**No room sealing required **

The portable and lightweight micro-nebulizer, converts the solution into an ultra-fine “dry” mist (95% particles >1µm) resulting in complete, homogenous coverage providing exceptional compatibility, safely.

As effective and efficient as vapor, as compatible and safe as aerosol!

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HyperDRYMist® Technology: The Benefits for Healthcare

HyperDRYMist® Range

Our range of HyperDRYMist® solutions include micro-nebulizers, disinfectant solutions and portable disinfectant sprays.


The 99MB

The 99MB is a solid, reliable, and easy to use device, which transforms the disinfectant solution into an ultra-fine mist, providing:

  • Superior biocidal activity.
  • Complete coverage.
  • Increased material compatibility.

Key Features:

It has been designed for high transportability, easy storage and effortless movement from one place to another thanks to its compact size.

  • Weight: 10.5kg (empty) – 11.5kg (full)
  • Adjustable telescopic handle  
  • Anti-static rear wheels
  • Bottle capacity: 1 L
  • Maximum treatable volume/solution: 1000m³
  • Electronic programming – Programmable delayed start
  • Treatment reporting software for compliance 

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Disinfectant Solutions

Disinfectant Solutions

Our proprietary formulas are chemically engineered so that carefully selected co-formulants are added to hydrogen peroxide, creating an ultra-fine mist resulting in:

  • Superior biocidal efficacy with full surface and homogenous coverage (bactericidal – fungicidal – sporicidal – mycobactericidal).
  • Greater stability (3-year shelf life).
  • Superior safety thanks to low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (>5% <8%).
  • Tested and exceeded all relevant EN norms, AFNOR standards and US Pharmacopeial Convention standards.
  • Various classifications available based on local regulatory frameworks:
    • Medical Device class IIa with or without silver cations (99S & 99Q)
    • Biocide formula with or without silver cations (99B & 99I)

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Disinfectant Spray

99J Disinfectant Spray

99J is a bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal disinfectant spray ideal to use when our HDM® system cannot be deployed. 
Tested in compliance with EN 13727, EN 13624, EN 13697 and EN 14476, the 99J solution spreads uniformly on the surfaces creating an extremely fine film with optimal wetting power, without leaving residues.


Its innovative “bag on valve (BOV)” packaging allows:
  • 360° dispersal, reaching the most difficult to reach areas.
  • Total emptying, resulting in less wastage. 
  • Replacement of traditional propellants (hydrocarbons) with compressed air, resulting in no toxic gases and overall better treatment performance.  


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Applications in Healthcare


Thanks to its portability and ease of use, the HDM® system is one of the most versatile automated room disinfection solutions available on the market, used across multiple healthcare environments and specialities for preventative and outbreak situations.

    • Hospitals:
      • Theatre suites
      • Transplant units
      • Isolation rooms
      • Dialysis
      • MRI units
      • High Dependency Units (HDUs)
      • Emergency departments
      • Side rooms
      • Patients rooms
    • Clinics
    • Long-term care homes
    • GP surgeries
    • Dentists
    • Ambulances



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Clinically Proven

HyperDRYMist® technology is trusted by healthcare facilities across the globe that seek automated decontamination and infection control solutions which are proven to be clinically effective in the prevention and reduction of hospital acquired infections (HAIs).

Clinically Proven

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Disinfecting noncritical medical equipment – effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide dry mist as an adjunctive method.

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Poster Presentations

Reduction in clostridium difficile infection associated with the introduction of a hydrogen peroxide and silver cations disinfection system.

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Case Studies

Efficacy in ambulances of of HyperDRYMist® in reducing bacterial contamination.

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