Private Label Wet Wipes

Our Capabilities

We can respond quickly and always adapt to the needs of our consumers and customers.

Bringing an Idea to Market?

We offer unrivalled technical support and extensive capabilities

What Can We Offer

Technical Support

  • Micro and Analytical Testing
  • Formula Development
  • R&D
  • Validation
  • Package testing
  • Accelerated and Real-Time Stability Testing
  • Preservative Testing
  • Clinical/Safety Testing
  • Test Method transfer and development
  • Formula library
What Can you Expect

Our Capabilities- Private Label Wet Wipes

  • On-Site water purifying plant (UV, RO)
  • Full liquid blending facilities
  • Wipes systems & dispensers
  • High-Speed Production Lines:
    1. Flexi-canisters
    2. Canisters
    3. Bucket
    4. Flat Pack / Soft-packs
    5. Single sachets
    6. Refills

Contract Manufacturing: Your Product, Our expertise

Our Product Portfolio

We specialise in producing bespoke and innovative wiping solutions, which are specifically developed for your process. Convenient, effective and engineered bespoke to your requirements, our pre-saturated wipes meet even the most stringent demands.



Private label heavy duty wipes eco

Industrial & Manufacturing

Private label hand wipe manufacturer

Retail & Trade


Hand sanitising wipe manufacturer


Introducing Our Range Of Sustainable Solutions

The Patented Eco Flexi Canister

Our aim is to help you enhance your green credentials by providing you with innovative and sustainable solutions which can impact positively the environment.

Switching from a traditional canister to our patented Eco Flexi Canister reduces your annual plastic consumption by 191.8 tonnes


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International Supply Chain

Our Fabrics

Fabric is a key factor in offering brands the ability to differentiate and create high performance, cost-effective wet-wipe products. We source non-woven fabric from all over the world and can offer technical graded fabric at various weights, colours and thicknesses.

All our non-woven products are converted on-site using high-speed machines with the capability to slit, fold and rewind.

Certifications and Registrations

Our sites in the UK & Italy are EN13485 (Medical Device), ISO and follow cGMP guidelines for medical device, biocide, detergent and cosmetic wipes.