The number one Premium cleaning and disinfectant wipe in healthcare goes International

Categories: Healthcare December 6, 2021
Super Sani Cloth

PDI International are delighted to announce that Super Sani-Cloth®, otherwise known as “purple top” thanks to its distinctive purple lid is now available to healthcare facilities across Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

The number one Premium cleaning and disinfectant wipe in North America is now manufactured in Europe, at PDI International’s flagship manufacturing plant in Corby, UK.

Through its alcohol and dual quaternary ammonium-based formulation, Super-Sani Cloth® is the only wipe in the world providing unrivalled:

  • Efficacy: effective against bacteria, viruses, TB, and yeasts including Norovirus and SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes Covid 19.
  • Speed: complete disinfection against all the listed tested microorganisms in 60 seconds.
  • Compatibility: compatible with over 560 devices and surfaces.

Elan Jeffery, Product Manager comments, “Our customers have been asking for an all-around solution that can provide effective and fast disinfection with excellent compatibility – Super Sani-Cloth® ticks these boxes.  With its simplified labelling, it is clear to anybody who picks up the product that complete disinfection against the listed pathogens on the label is achieved within 60 seconds.  Providing our customers with equipment compatibility data based on manufacturers recommendations provides peace of mind for our customers too. Like healthcare professionals around the world, Super Sani-Cloth® is hard-working, and delivers exceptional results.”

Mike Sullivan, Commercial Director for Healthcare adds, “As our healthcare range of infection prevention and control solutions expands, so does our dedication to provide facilities with greater protection against healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs).   It is no surprise that Super Sani-Cloth® is the no.1 disinfecting wipe in North America and now potentially in the world. Its combination of fast acting, effective disinfecting and cleaning ingredients provides the best of all worlds in infection prevention.  This superb product is another step towards our vision to be a global infection prevention innovation leader and trusted advisor to our customers internationally.  Together with our partners in infection prevention, we believe this product will make all the difference in the world.”

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*Market leadership claims based on Q1 2021 Clarivate Data