IPS Conference 2022 at a Glance

Categories: Events & Healthcare November 2, 2022
IPS Conf 2022

Bournemouth, UK: Last month our UK healthcare sales team, exhibited at the Infection Prevention Society’s 14th annual conference in Bournemouth (IP2022Conf). Keynote speakers included Dr Jon Otter, Dr Didier Pillet and Professor Jennie Wilson who delivered a range of informative talks on matters including “The importance of choosing our words carefully when communicating HCAI and AMR”, “From clean hands to Clean Hospitals: a worldwide vision” and “Practical Sustainability in the NHS Chain”.

The conference was the ideal event to officially launch our partnership with Irish-based company WellAir, developers of Novaerus’ air decontamination units to over 500 healthcare professionals. The Novaerus’ air units are ‘plug and play’ systems that are powered by its patented NanoStrike™ technology – a method of air disinfection that bursts pathogen cells, clinically proven to inactivate microorganisms and reduce dust, mould spores, and pollen that trigger asthma and allergies. The units quickly became a brilliant talking point for our team, especially when paired with our automated room disinfection system HyperDRYMist®, a patented solution which delivers high-level disinfection in as little as 45 minutes without the need to seal a room.

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Two-in-one cleaning and disinfectant wipe Super Sani-Cloth®, otherwise known as “purple top” generated plenty of chatter thanks to its 1-minute total contact time, excellent efficacy, and compatibility with more than 600 medical devices and of course its “Made in UK” stamp to support NHS carbon net zero goals.

Other product highlights included showcasing our diverse range of Prevantics® skin disinfection solutions, including our recently launched 2% CHG Applicators and Swabsticks.

In addition, our 100% plastic free antibacterial Hygea hand wipes were a huge hit. Made in the UK, our hand wipes are 100% biodegradable, and clinically proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria and viruses.

“IPC2022 was the ideal opportunity to speak with our frontline healthcare workers, understand their current challenges and provide suitable and clinically proven solutions to address those issues and make their lives easier and more importantly, safer”, said Nina Smith, Marketing Manager at PDI International.

Healthcare professionals were handed out our reusable PDI International tote bags filled with our signature #purpletop pens, and informative literature including several Bitesize Learning infographic posters aimed to provide IPC education in an engaging and fun way.

Write to us at contact@PDI-EMEA.com to arrange samples to be sent to you.

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